Functions of the Allied Health Council

The primary mandate of the Council is public protection, as per the responsibility of all statutory councils. However, it is relative to the governance of the 24 professions registered under Council.

Council carries out its functions in various ways for these 24 professions within its jurisdiction, whilst striving to provide affordable, accessible, integrated and professional holistic allied health care to all people of Saint Lucia. Council’s functions are inter alia:

  • to assist in the promotion and protection of the health of the population of  Saint Lucia;
  • to govern, administer and set policy relating to the professions registered with the Council;
  • to control the practice of the professions and ensure that Scopes of Practice are observed;
  • to investigate in accordance with the provisions of the Health Practitioners Act #33 2006 complaints relating to the affairs of practitioners to attend to other judicial matters as per the Act;
  • to control the registration of persons in respect of any  of the 24 professions as scheduled in the Act.
  • to regulate and set standards for the training of intending practitioners

 The AHCSL is mandated in terms of the Act to:

  • Promote and protect the health of the public
  • Manage, administer and set policies relating to the professions registered with the AHCSL
  • Investigate complaints relating to the professional conduct of practitioners, interns and students
  • Administer the registration of persons governed by the AHCSL
  • Set standards for the education and training of intending practitioners

The AHCSL consists of 3 divisions:

  1. The Council Board or Executive Body, whose primary role is upholding the functions of the Council as presented by legislation and by formulating policies applicable to all allied health professions;
  2. The Ethical and Professional Standards Committee (s), whose primary focus is providing the Council with the profession specific standards and policy contributions; for the allied health professions
  3. The Disciplinary Committee, whose primary focus is advising the Council on disciplinary matters and is the investigative body for complaints/conflicts within allied health professions.

The AHCSL is accountable to the Minister of Health and his Ministry:

  • To advise the Minister on matters as they relate to the allied health professions; and
  • To communicate to the Minister on matters of public importance known to the AHCSL acquired in the course of its functions. 

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