Chairman’s Message

On behalf of the Allied Health Council, it is indeed a privilege to be associated in the creation of this website.

In spite of the constraints in the Council’s initial development in 2009, I am honoured to be the Council’s first chairman.

I am sure Council members can look back and reflect on being part of this historic development, that they too made their contribution to the development of their country in the context of establishing good standards for alternative medicine.

Allied health practitioners, in terms of recognition, can never be the same in St. Lucia, a recognition long deserved. The Health Practitions Act # 33 2006 was indeed forward thinking in its attempt to meet the needs of the St. Lucian public in the service provided by alternative medicine providers.

Much has happened since 2009 in the development of the Council. I am therefore, happy to be a coworker with other Council members in establishing such a portal  that can only get better in the future, for the benefit of all.

It is my desire that allied health practitioners will make use of the information here to enhance their professional standing which is long overdue.

This is a historic achievement in which Council members and the public can be proud. In a fast changing world, allied health professionals need to be progressive in establishing standards to succeed.

And so to the public, you have a voice through the Council, for those allied health practitioners that would be less than professional.

To registered allied health practitioners, the Council is there to facilitate your professional standing in St. Lucia and by extension the region.

In conclusion, I wish to thank the Ministry of Health for their trust and support in the creation of this website on behalf of the Council.

Dr. Urban Seraphin JP

Chairman-Allied Health Council of St. Lucia

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