Registered Allied Health Practitioners Directory

Medical Technologists

Mr. Mason Clovis
Discipline:Medical Technologist
Qualification:Associate Degree in Medical Technology
Registration No.:19640528
Registration Date:July 03, 2014
Registration Expiry:July 02, 2016
Mr. Irenoeus Descartes
Discipline:Medical Technologist
Qualification: Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology, Certificate in Cervial Cytology, Diploma in Cytotechnology, MSC Cytotechnology
Registration No.:19560584
Registration Date:August 27, 2015
Registration Expiry:August 26, 2016
Mrs. Licia Dilsuk
Discipline:Medical Technologist
Qualification:Associate degree in Medical Laboratory Technician, Registered Phlebotomy Technician
Registration No.:AHC19700438
Registration Date:October 10, 2013
Registration Expiry:October 09, 2015
Ms. Petula Flavius
Discipline:Medical Technologist
Qualification:BSc Medical Techology, Certificate in Medical Technology
Registration No.:19720516
Registration Date:May 08, 2014
Registration Expiry:May 07, 2016
Ms. Susan Mary Forde
Discipline:Medical Technologist
Qualification:Associate of the I.M.L.T
Registration No.:AHC19430147
Registration Date:May 05, 2010
Registration Expiry:April 06, 2017
Ms. Aliuska Pavon Garcia
Discipline:Medical Technologist
Qualification:Bachelor in Health Technology
Registration No.:AHC19760437
Registration Date:October 10, 2013
Registration Expiry:October 09, 2014
Mr. Kerwin T. Gill
Discipline:Medical Technologist
Qualification:Diploma in Medical Technology (Microbiology)
Registration No.:AHC19700113
Registration Date:April 16, 2010
Registration Expiry:May 06, 2017
Mrs. Vilma Ann Grose
Discipline:Medical Technologist
Qualification:Diploma in Haematology, Certificate of Medical Technology
Registration No.:AHC19590467
Registration Date:November 21, 2013
Registration Expiry:November 20, 2016
Ms. Niketta Harris
Discipline:Medical Technologist
Qualification:BSc Biomedical Science
Registration No.:AHC19830396
Registration Date:January 31, 2013
Registration Expiry:January 30, 2017
Ms. Natasha P. Hippolyte
Discipline:Medical Technology Services
Qualification:BSc. In Microbiology (First Class Honours)
Registration No.:AHC19840148
Registration Date:May 05, 2010
Registration Expiry:April 05, 2016

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