The Allied Health Council of St. Lucia


General Information

The Allied Health Council of Saint Lucia (AHCSL) is a statutory health body established in terms of the Health Practitioners Act 2006 (The Act) in order to control all allied health professions.

The key purpose of a statutory health council is the protection and promotion of public interest, which includes ensuring that all services provided by health practitioners meet the responsibility of delivering quality affordable allied health care to the citizens of the country.

Allied health professionals have responsibilities and obligations to their colleagues and to their profession, but these will always be secondary to their responsibilities and obligations to the public.


The Website

The purpose of this web site for all Allied Health Professionals is:

  • To inform allied health professionals and members of the public that the Allied Health Council under the HPA Act of 2006 governs and regulates the practices of allied health professionals in St. Lucia;
  • To inform allied health professionals practicing in St. Lucia of the required standard of professional practice;
  • To inform the community of the standard of professional practice for allied health professionals in professions regulated by the HPA Act 2006;
  • To guide allied health professionals towards formal or informal resolution of ethical violations when they arise. 

This website will be updated every three months.

In a fast changing world, Allied Health Professionals need to be progressive, in establishing standards to succeed. And so to the public, you have a voice through the Council, for those Allied Health Practitioners that would be less than professional. To registered Allied Health Practitioners, the Council is here to facilitate your professional standing in St. Lucia, and by extension the region.

-Dr. Urban Seraphin J.P., Chairman-Allied Health Council of St. Lucia